Web Design and Development

A professional website can increase profits, improve customer awareness and provide new opportunities. Keep your website fresh in order to reach more of your future clients. Updating your current web design is a great way to put a fresh face on your online business.

Web Design

Web design is the front end, or visible, part of the website solution. It involves creating your template, choosing the colors, and images.

The design team follows “best use” and “design standards” with input from the client, to create a visually appealing website.

An important part of web design is making the site visually appealing and user friendly. Setting links and information so it easy for the user to find their way around is paramount to good web design

Our team strives to create a site that is both visually engaging and simple to use.

Web Development

Web development is the back-end part of the website. This is the technical part that includes programming with JavaScript and PHP, database setup, and coding in HTML and CSS.

web design code

Many web sites are built using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla. These systems provide themes, modules and other add-ons that improve functionality. They also allow client to maintain maintain their website with a simple interface.

The development team and designers work together to create a website that is functional, looks great and is simple to use.