Orphaned Web Sites

Is your site an orphan? Has your “web guy” made any updates to the site, is there a backup, have any security checks been made recently? Has he/she stopped responding to your emails and phone calls? Has your site stopped working properly, or worse, been blacklisted and scaring away potential clients by security and malware warnings at their browsers.

If any of these are true, give us a call. I can often recover lost sites, restore a site that has been taken offline, or repair a site to fix security and update issues.

Web Security Has Changed in the Last Few Years

Over the last few years, browsers have started detecting and reporting to users when web sites do not comply the current security and privacy standards. These standards include:

  • not using https:// indicating the site is secured by a security certificate
  • using any content that does not come from a secure site
  • any site that is blacklisted by a number of authorities that track sites sending spam or attempting to infect users with malware